【餐饮空间】香港Porterhouse by Laris餐厅设计

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Hongkong, with more than 150 years of colonial history, with its western vision and appetite, laid the restaurant cover and contain everything. And when people follow the footsteps of the food into the city, in the design, construction and fashion with the company, it is more than a taste of Hongkong!

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This new barbecue restaurant is located in Hongkong, California building, Lan Kwai Fong group, the Kokaistudios of the interior design bold and innovative, with an intuitive space language rich brand connotation. Not only revolutionized people for high-end stereotypes, but also to continue to explore its iconic and customized and the existing idea.

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Six meters high in the dining room by the three-dimensional geometry of the parameters of the mirror, brass and gray wood composition, a clever refraction of all parts of the restaurant and dining in which the designer intends to compress a number of space, but to bring enough energy and vitality.

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餐厅由名厨David Laris主理,他凭借独具匠心的创意美食蜚声中外。来到亚洲后,除了经营着自己的餐馆,更为奢侈品牌提供咨询服务而开拓出了全新天地。可以说,有他名字出现的地方,就代表着高品质和一种全新的生活方式体验。

The restaurant by chef David Laris in charge, by virtue of his creative Food famousinternational have great originality. After coming to Asia, in addition to operating their own restaurants, more luxury brands to provide advisory services and to develop a new world. It can be said that there is a place where his name appears on behalf of high quality and a new way of life experience.

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Although the form and layout of the space should be in accordance with the necessary logic, it should contain a kind of power that is directed at the heart, so that it makes the combination of science and technology and human nature perfect.


To deepen the dining experience, designers break the limited space, will cook operation table, meat display cabinet, the main dining area, leisure area, semi balcony, balconies and organic bar arrangement, together to create stylish space atmosphere.


The geometrical form can be clearly defined, and to improve the taste of the whole space at a certain level. Based on this principle, the people in the life of the people gradually lose consciousness of the surface phenomenon, the space is to stimulate the emotional contact, which is also the significance of geometric modeling.


The design innovation should be coordinated with the tradition, the real environment and the caring for people. The humanism should be considered more than all the technical, economic and aesthetic considerations.